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  • bekosh

    also after i upate the theme the fix that u made last time for the colume back to be wrong

    מחירון עיצוב גרפי

    see above ur comments

    Hello bekosh,

    I have fixed it for you, kindly check it now:

    And regarding the Read More button, it’s translatable you should find it, please look for “Read More..”
    How are you translating the strings by the way ?

    Bassam Tarek

    Hello Bekosh,

    Sorry for our late reply,

    Regarding the issue of the column, we have fixed it at your site and we will release it with our next update

    Regarding the update being late: We are sorry about that but we are doing our best to Release updates faster in the future

    Since we don’t like that you wait more than this to see the translation fix, We can upload a fix specifically for your case maximum next Monday which will solve your problem till the upcoming release

    Have a nice day


    hey thanx but still the side bar is not shown…
    there seppused to be side bar

    Mohamed Nabil

    Hi Bekosh,

    In which page the sidebar is not shown ?


    non of them that seposed to be. for example:



    מחירון עיצוב גרפי

    Mohamed Nabil


    I just added a new ‘test’ sidebar then i removed it, and now it’s working, I don’t know what was wrong actually.
    Check it now and let me know.

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)

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