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  • frankoss


    I’ve a problem.
    I’ve installed Circle Flip and import the demo data successful! But if I look there is everything but no Hosting Flip page.

    If I create a page than I can choose Hosting template, but then the slider is not working. only the data I see.

    For example:

    Please help me…

    Bishoy Melek

    Hello ,

    I’m sorry about this issue . I checked your webpage and found that you have to import the hosting template slider.
    I exported it; and you can download it from the following link and just import it in your revolution slider plugin on your website and take the shortcode for it again and put it inside the shortcode section inside your page again.
    download the file from here :

    I hope you can do it easily. And if you faced any problem , I would be happy to help you .



    Thanks you for the fast help! It’s fixed now!

    But also the footer doesn’t show everything.
    On the demo you see a image with a box and if you go there with your mouse it’s gonna shine.

    If I edit the page and look at the editor I see the box, but it won’t show on the host page. (This is the last problem)
    What can I do to show that again?

    It’s About these pictures:

    Bishoy Melek

    Hello Frankoss,

    Please give me admin credentials to your website , so that i can check the problem for you and fix it.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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