Portfolio cats and tags pages are still empty

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  • Portfolio cats and tags pages are still empty
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  • michael48769

    Dear Support, I’m glad, my circleflip-site is nearly completed. But I have still some issues with the portfolio category and tag result template, I do not understand. I made changes as discussed with Omar here: http://support.creiden.com/forums/topic/portfolio-cats-empty-on-page-load/

    But it doesn’t work … the pages still don’t show results. They are empty.

    An example here for categories: http://internet.punktsicht.de/circleflip-portfolio-cats/newsletter/
    Look here for tags:

    BTW: the file /templates/template-portfolio.php only supports categories, I think? There’s a call to circleflip_get_portfolio_categories() but not to circleflip_get_portfolio_tags(), so the category-names are shown as filter for tags?
    Am I wrong?

    You’ve got FTP- and WordPress-Admin-access within my last post. I would appreciate if you finally could help with a solution for this. Thanks a lot.


    Hello Amr, I know you are very busy, I just like to know, if you are working on this? I could go online with my site if the portfolio cats and tags pages would work. Thank you.

    Amr Essam

    Hello Michael,

    I have already forwarded your ticket to the dev. team .. I will check if there’s any updates and get back to you.

    Sorry for being late.


    I wondering that you are selling this feature which is obviously not working as you can still see on your demo page: http://themes.creiden.com/circleflip/builder-demo/circleflip-portfolio-cats/audio/

    I first mentioned this problem on February 5 2016 with an older post, which is 8 weeks ago! I think empty category or tag pages are a serious problem, which should be solved immediately, especially if this bug is on your demo site. I’m disappointed.

    It took me a while, but I fixed this on my own now. Categories and Tags are working very well now on my site as you may see on this tag-page:

    You can close this thread.

    Bishoy Melek

    Hello Michael ,
    We are currently working on this issue to fix it as soon as possible , please accept our apologies .

    Bishoy Melek

    Hello Michael ,

    I will close this ticket as the problem has been solved.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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