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  • nfischer

    When utilizing the portfolio, I selected the gallery option to display photos on the single post page. I want to make the big image that appears to be larger, specifically taller. A lot of my photos are cropped because the viewing section is too small. How can I adjust the box so that is crops the images taller and shows more of the picture?

    I also want to be able to change the slug inside the URL so it says “available-dogs” instead of “circleflip-portfolio”. I’ve making this edit myself but can’t seem to find the right code to change. Please advise.

    Here is an example on the website I am building: http://wmk9.puzzlecreative.com/circleflip-portfolio/macy/


    Hey nfischer,
    Thanks for choosing Circle Flip.
    We will check this for you right away, thanks for your patience and expect an update soon.



    Hey nfischer,

    About the images, your creating a gallery of different sized images, so they are handled to have one fixed height to display the gallery normally, and not have it jump up and down while sliding through images.
    You can edit images to have the same height, or the viewer can click on the magnifying glass icon to preview the image in Full size.

    I have added the slug rewrite to scheduled updates, and will be announced in an update soon, please stay tuned to Circle Flip’s updates.



    I understand that the images I am using are different sizes. I want to be able to manual set that fixed height to display the gallery normally. That way I can choose what crop size fits best based on the images I am using.

    I look forward to the update with adjustable slug for the portfolio.



    Hello nfischer,

    Sorry for such late reply,

    Regarding the gallery height, you can specify any height you want through a Custom CSS rules:
    .single-circleflip-portfolio .galleryStyle1 .largeImage {
    height: 370px; /* change this to any value you want */

    if you want to target a specific post use
    .postid-ID /* replace ID with the post ID */ instead of .single-circleflip-portfolio.
    check Theme options > General Settings > Advanced > Custom CSS for instruction on how to add Custom CSS

    and the Portfolio Slug is scheduled for an upcoming update, but in the meantime you can change it by:

    – open up YOUR WORDPRESS INSTALLATION PATH/wp-content/plugins/circleflip-portfolio/classes/crdn/cfp/base.php in your text editor ( choose one which doesn’t apply formatting i.e. notepad, notepad++, sublime text ) or you can use the one in CPanel’s File Manager
    – change the line #127 ( v1.3.3 and prior ) 'rewrite' => true, with 'rewrite' => array(
    'slug' => 'available-dogs',

    – Login to WordPress admin , then go to Settings > Permalinks and hit save

    this is only a temporary fix until a proper option is introduced in Circlelfip, I will notify you as soon as its ready


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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