Remove Testimonial space when there is no icon

  • Remove Testimonial space when there is no icon
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  • cleverdigital

    I would like to remove the ig space between words and author if there is no icon selected in Testimonials. How do you remove this?


    Hello Clever Digital,

    If you plan on always having no Testimonial Image/Icon
    You can use only Custom CSS
    Go to Appearance >> Theme Options >> General Settings >> Advanced
    in the Custom CSS panel add

    .TestmonialStyle2 .testmoialImage{
    display: none;

    If you might have a testimonial image on some and some will not
    Please replace the file cr-testimonials-section.php found at wp-content/themes/circleflip/creiden-framework/content-builder/blocks/cr-testimonials-section.php
    with this file



    Hi Omar

    Thanks for that, it worked perfectly. I was unsure it would work as the word ‘testimonial’ is spelt incorrectly in the CSS code you provided but I copy and paste and it worked great.

    One more question, how do you make the Testimonial auto play like a slideshow?


    Hello CleverDigital,

    I see you’ve made it right by adding jQuery(document).ready(function($) {$(‘.TestmonialStyle2.carousel’).carousel({interval: 1000})});
    But you’ve only added it to the Custom CSS panel not the Custom JS panel.

    I’ve rearranged and set it to 8 seconds, feel free to change that 🙂



    Thankyou so much, your support is excellent. I didn’t think of adding to the Custom Js panel 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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