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  • Webbevakning

    Hi again, posted this 2 days ago, I don’t know if you seen it? Would really appreciate som help on this one.

    Hi! I want to show posts from a specific category in the sidebar. I have created a sidebar under Appearance > Theme Options and saved it. Under Appearance > Widgets found the sidebar, tried to add different widgets to it. Haven’t found any CF widget that does this sort of thing, so I tried the ordinary WP widgets first – and here’s another strange thing, some of them show on page, som doesn’t show. Whatever I do on this installation everything seems to have a delay and/or not showing. Changing the header makes me have to save the options like ten times and then wait for five minutes before the update shows. Also, changing sidebar on a pages dropdown (where you choose what sidebar to show, “Custom sidebar”) doesn’t apply. Very weird.

    Anyhow, last option I tried was CF Shortcode Widget, finding the correct shortcode on Doesn’t show either. How do I solve this? I would also like to display a category archive, with possibility to show them with the oldest first.

    And, another question. I want to have a sidebar on our blog page. Followed the instruction from another thread here, by choosing “Custom sidebar” on the page designated for the blog. It doesn’t show.

    Please, help. If you need login etc just tell me, and I’ll fix it for you.


    I apologize for the late response,

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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