Shop Page is not working


  • Shop Page is not working
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  • miguelmorenomoral

    I have edited Shop-home. Now the name is “Tienda”. The main problem is I configure this page to revolution slider and slider bar (both of them are working in other pages), but i can´t find this element in my web. before this situaction everything it was ok…but I was configurating the woocomerce setup and this page was broken

    please help me…thank you very much ..and sorry about my english

    Other cuestion…can i have only the products of the woocomerce?. I mean, I dont want cart, and sell by web. Only y want show my images products wiht prize….


    Really i can´t change anything in “tienda” page. Only the name. I can´t use any new content


    Hello miguelmore,

    I don’t believe you could add a slider on the shop page, but if you want to only display products on your website, have you considered portfolio items?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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