Show Featured Image on Portfolio Page (not Thumbnail)

  • Show Featured Image on Portfolio Page (not Thumbnail)
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  • ColumbiaWebDev

    I have a site where I want to change the image of the portfolio items displayed with CSS (I want to make them larger and more square). That part works great.

    However, somewhere the featured image/thumbnail added to the portfolio item is getting resized. So for exmaple:
    – I set my images to be 350×300
    – I set a featured image on that post that is 350x
    300, called “myimage.png”
    – the image that is actually getting displayed on the main portfolio page is “myimage-350×193.png ”

    So basically the images are the correct size, but they’re getting resized to an incorrect size, then re-stretched back to the original size.

    Which template/file, etc do I need to modify to remove this resizing? I can’t seem to find the correct file or function. TIA!


    Hey ColumbiaWebDev,

    Thanks for posting on the support forums.
    You are correct images get re-sized for portfolio previews.

    You would have to indeed stretch those previews if you need them bigger, the image size 350×193 cut is applied to all boxed post shapes (including Blog/Magazine/and portfolio) posts to conform with design.

    I am sorry I was un-able to help you achieve your goal of having images previewed your preferred size.



    OK, thanks for getting back to me at least. 🙂 I appreciate it!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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