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  • translate and upgrate the theme
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  • footlogil

    Hi Omar,

    Please let us know how do we install that on the woocomerce:

    Also, how can we translate the buttons more and continue reading on the blog, we have poedit, but we can’t find those words at all!

    Many thanks!


    It seems to be that we are haveing many bugs with the rtl version, as when we try to post someting, we can’t create enter between pharagraphs, the <br> button isn’t working.


    Hello footlogil,
    That feature is a specialized WooCommerce feature, if we receive more requests for integrating this feature, we might add it in a future update, in the mean time you are free to modify the theme files on your own but remember to take you modifications into consideration when you update the theme.

    I tested the RTL and could add line breaks <br> without troubles, can you please tell me the exact steps you took to get this bug?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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