TypeError: $(…).stellar is not a function

  • TypeError: $(…).stellar is not a function
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  • flipcircle

    Getting errors in the console from site.js, it’s about line 132 with the stellar call.
    I’ve looked into it but stellar.js isn’t included with circleflip. This line pretty much causes the entire script to crash and thus none of what follows works anymore.


    Also, one more thing, the theme has loads of social icons (I was actually suprised there’s even a github one!) but one of the most famous ones is missing, youtube. Would be nice to see a youtube icon available in the same style too 🙂


    Hi, update here, I actually commented out the code that made the script throw errors and found out that the bits directly after it (line 140 and 141 in site.js) also crash the script since wallpaper() is not available either.
    After then commenting those calls out the script works as intended (and I finally got to see my progress bars get animated :)).

    So the wallpaper+stellar references in site.js currently make the rest of the script fail..


    Hey flipcircle,
    Thanks so much for your informed and detailed post 🙂
    Actually that issue have been fixed in update Version 1.2.1. Can you please make sure you’re running the latest version? and stay tuned for another update later today Version 1.2.2. if you’d like to update once today.

    Regarding the Youtube icon, you’re absolutely right it should be there, will look into it as soon as possible, but may I suggest, for the mean time, to use the video icon included.

    Let us know how thing work out.


    Ah, that’s good to hear. I’ll update it tomorrow then, thanks for the heads up!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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